Photovoltaic flat roof systems

LORENZ's stable mounting systems from the INTERSOL product line are also the optimal choice for flat roofs. Our statically certified solutions have proven their durability for many years when exposed to wind and snow. The frames are firmly secured to prevent lifting, without damaging the roof membrane. Each version can be used for roofs both with and without gravel surfaces.

Pre-assembled components reduce assembly times

Aluminum triangular supports are used as standard for the substructure and can be adjusted to various tilt angles. The stable triangular supports are supplied folded. To mount the supports, simply unfold them and adjust them to the optimum angle. The INTERSOL Flat Roof allows you to quickly and easily install solar panels on flat roofs.

The system is delivered in compact form to save on transport costs. You save valuable time because the system components are prefabricated, allowing you to install 1 kWp in no more than 1 hour. INTERSOL Flat Roof can be built with only two tools.

Our system from east to west on flat roofs

The INTERSOL Flat Roof Duplex system allows you to easily and quickly install frameless thin film modules from east to west on flat roofs. Modules can be mounted on each roof individually. Installation times are quick due to the innovative and prefabricated substructure. The average weight of the substructure and solar modules is 20 kg/sqm, if the system groups are lined up next to each other. The area load is low because of the module spacing: this will be determined by your maximum roof load.