Montage der Dachhaken mit Blechersatzziegel

Gilching, 08.01.2013. Despite adverse weather and temperatures close to freezing, INTERSOL technicians needed only 26 minutes and 59 seconds in December to install an 8-module system capable of generating 2kWp, under the watchful eye of an independent expert. This result gave them the lead in the rankings of the trade journal, "Photovoltaik".

Such a fast installation of the INTERSOL mounting system of course requires a well-trained mounting team and lots of practice, but according to Markus Sand, CEO of the  executing firm Sand-Solartechnik Vertrieb, most important are the qualities of the Siplex mounting system itself, with pre-assembled components and easy-to-access bolts. The system is very easy to install from above, all components fit together well. This all makes it possible to install top quality sub-structures for solar systems in the fastest possible time.